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Thursday, October 23, 2014

More Winter Ball News

Greetings Steamfreaks!

Tuesday afternoon a small group of us toured the Grand Gateway Hotel to see if it would be right for our event, and BOY HOWDY WAS IT EVER! I hesitate to talk about it, though, as we still have yet to negotiate pricing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we can afford it (and you can help us afford it by buying your membership.... just sayin')

The ballroom decor is perfect, there is a dance floor, plenty of seating and room for vendors. There is a bar just downstairs from the ballroom for those who wish to drink, meaning we don't *need* to serve alcohol in the ballroom, thus possibly avoiding any need to make this a 21+ event. Also, there is a large outdoor balcony that will be handy for accommodating both smokers and overheating dancers.

The ballroom itself is situated overlooking the pool & waterslide of the hotel, which has inspired us to possibly hold an old-timey-swimsuit competition in the afternoon. (Both men and women will be allowed to enter... we may be sexy but we aren't sexist.) There are also dinosaurs in the pool area, and dinosaurs are cool.

We did also examine the high-end suites with adjoining lounge, which some of the officers intend to rent on that evening for members-only portions of the events that are being planned. The foremost of those being a whiskey/scotch tasting and perhaps a late night bout of Munchkin or Red Dragon Inn.

I have been in contact with one author about appearing as a guest, and though of course I can't/won't mention names until things are finalized, or at least nearly finalized, it looks very promising. If anyone knows an author, historian, or some other such delightful eccentric who might want to be a part of the festivities, please put them in touch with me. (lordcommissar@bhsteampunk.org)

Also lining up nicely for the event is a dance instructor who will be giving the group as a whole lessons on how to do the charleston!

The musical act(s) for the Ball are still yet to be determined, though there will be Electroswing/Steampunk dance music through the end of the night. Again, if you know an appropriate musical act who may be interested in performing, please put them in contact with me.

Its important to note, as well, that any news in this blog doesn't gurantee that any feature, speaker or act will be at the ball... this is just so you have an idea of what we are working on and towards. In my experience, we will actually cram about 1/3 of the things we want to into the day, and it will seem like 2x too much. Not always a bad thing.

Finally, I'd like to close with the thought that  our ball doesn't have a catchy name.... its just the Black Hills Steampunk Society Winter Ball....and that really doesn't seem to reflect the scope of what we are trying to do here. If you have any suggestions for a better one, we are all ears.

Lord Commissar
Otto Von Giftmacher

Monday, October 20, 2014

Killer New Lindsey Sterling Video

Getting ready for The Grand Winter Ball - Streampad - Costume Swap.

Tomorrow we go to tour a venue for the winter ball. Keeping my fingers crossed, but I think we have the perfect venue. If everything goes well, we will be able to release an official date and location. Stay Tuned!

Speaking of tunes, I'm adding Streampad to the blog. This way when we share neat steampunk music with you, you should be able to listen to it as you peruse the writings and musings of the society.

It may take a few posts to get it fully implemented, but I think it will be a nice addition.

Next Monday we will be holding a general meeting with a costume swap and POT LUCK TACO BAR! Head over to the facebook group to get all the details on where to be and when. Many members will be bringing old costumes and parts that we are willing to trade or give away to newcomers. If you've been intimidated about joining up because you don't have a costume (seriously, worst excuse ever....) this is the meeting to come to.

There are some other fun events coming up soon, as well. In November there will be a workshop on building steampunk sockmonkeys (or simply standard sock monkeys if thats your thing) hosted by the indomitable Lady A.  Later in the month there will be a weekend of debauchery as we don our best drinking moustaches (and I'm going to encourage monkey masks) for a pub crawl. Needless to say this will be a 21 and over party.

So that sums up a lot of goings on this week. As always, if you have any questions go tot he facebook group and ask, or email me lordcommissar@bhsteampunk.org and I'll get back to you as I can.

Lord Commissar
Dr. Otto Von Giftmacher 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Memberships now available online!


Thanks to PayPal, we now have memberships available via online payment. This is a developing process, so we will still need you to fill out a membership application in person at some point, but your membership will be considered valid from day of payment once approved.

Due to the fees and extra work involved in handling these online there will be a $3 surcharge tacked onto the membership fee. So, if you're really just scraping together nickles to pay, it might be better to just meet up at one of the meetings or talk to an officer in person.

Along with this news I'd like to point out how important it is for all of you to buy your membership to the society, if you haven't already. The membership fees go to handling the insurance, equipment and venue fees, paying artists and musicians, printing flyers and basically making all of this happen. Its no secret that organizing events isn't easy or cheap, and that is why we can't do it without the help of your membership. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Your membership can mean the difference between having a ball in a lovely Victorian themed ballroom or having a ball in someone's dimly lit garage. It can mean the difference between having live musicians or a full sound system for dancing vs having someone playing youtube videos from their laptop speakers. It can mean the difference between a catered hors devours table and a veggie tray from walmart. Just one membership can make the difference that transforms a party into a BALL.

Membership comes with perks, of course.


When you are a fully paid member you have voting rights in the Society. You can hold office, if you so wish, and you can have a voice in how we handle matters. (I'll also add that being an unpaid member and trying to tell the rest of the members who have paid how to handle business is a good way to become very unpopular very quickly....)

Door Fees & Discounts

Membership also allows you to get into events at discounted prices, varying by the event. We also work hard to get special pricing for members to various museums and attractions. Hotels and bars involved in our events may also offer special members only prices and rates and specials.  In the case of some events, this may even get you in free... or...

Members Only Events

There are some members-only events as well as special members-only portions of events that you just aren't invited to unless you're paid. For example, we are planning on a special members-only whiskey and scotch tasting at the Winter Ball. 

We are also working on plenty of other perks for members, and you want to be a member when they become available! So please join! We need your help (money) so we can bring as much fun and retrofuturistic play as possible to the Black Hills. 

Head over here to grab your membership today:

Monday, October 13, 2014

13 October 2014 - General Meeting Tonight

A General Membership meeting will be conducted tonight in conjunction with Arts Rapid City's Art Drinks event. Wine and socializing at 5 PM, meeting to be brought to order at or about 6 PM.

Firehouse Wine Cellar, 620 Main St, Rapid City SD


-Lord Commissar

Get ready for online Membership Applications!

Due to several requests for taking membership payments on credit/debit I'm currently working on making our membership applications and payments available online. There will be an additional service fee of $3 for any memberships processed online due to the costs of credit transactions.

I hope this is going to be convenient for you, because its sure a pain in my arse. ;)
-Lord Commissar