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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Memberships now available online!


Thanks to PayPal, we now have memberships available via online payment. This is a developing process, so we will still need you to fill out a membership application in person at some point, but your membership will be considered valid from day of payment once approved.

Due to the fees and extra work involved in handling these online there will be a $3 surcharge tacked onto the membership fee. So, if you're really just scraping together nickles to pay, it might be better to just meet up at one of the meetings or talk to an officer in person.

Along with this news I'd like to point out how important it is for all of you to buy your membership to the society, if you haven't already. The membership fees go to handling the insurance, equipment and venue fees, paying artists and musicians, printing flyers and basically making all of this happen. Its no secret that organizing events isn't easy or cheap, and that is why we can't do it without the help of your membership. It is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Your membership can mean the difference between having a ball in a lovely Victorian themed ballroom or having a ball in someone's dimly lit garage. It can mean the difference between having live musicians or a full sound system for dancing vs having someone playing youtube videos from their laptop speakers. It can mean the difference between a catered hors devours table and a veggie tray from walmart. Just one membership can make the difference that transforms a party into a BALL.

Membership comes with perks, of course.


When you are a fully paid member you have voting rights in the Society. You can hold office, if you so wish, and you can have a voice in how we handle matters. (I'll also add that being an unpaid member and trying to tell the rest of the members who have paid how to handle business is a good way to become very unpopular very quickly....)

Door Fees & Discounts

Membership also allows you to get into events at discounted prices, varying by the event. We also work hard to get special pricing for members to various museums and attractions. Hotels and bars involved in our events may also offer special members only prices and rates and specials.  In the case of some events, this may even get you in free... or...

Members Only Events

There are some members-only events as well as special members-only portions of events that you just aren't invited to unless you're paid. For example, we are planning on a special members-only whiskey and scotch tasting at the Winter Ball. 

We are also working on plenty of other perks for members, and you want to be a member when they become available! So please join! We need your help (money) so we can bring as much fun and retrofuturistic play as possible to the Black Hills. 

Head over here to grab your membership today:

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